Oct 292010
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Well it took a while but I finally got the board I mentioned in this post http://www.craigryder.com/my-hardware/intel-entry-server-board-se7230nh1/ working and in a case and ready to become a media center of sorts.. 4G of ram, dual Gbit, crappy PCI vid card w/outs. Will maybe toss in a haupage or sat card.. have a remote wonder plus that I’ll give a go as well.. Hoping to get a version of Linux on it since constant tripping over the S-Video cable from comp to TV bent the PCI-E slot mostly right off the board.. Damn hard to find a used ASUS K8N4-E Deluxe board to replace it..:(

Oh. Newest Ubuntu from the …backports or sketchy or bleeding edge or whatever repo killed my video.. *twitch*.. aww the poor Linux .. box (That’s an old pic. it’s even more depressing now..;)

K8N4-E Deluxe Ubuntu 10.10

  2 Responses to “Finally got SE7230NH1-E working and almost ready to become a..”

  1. Have a newer picture for yas, Takes a lickin “keeps on ticken”

  2. W00T!. Ubuntu 10.10.1 on Leader (linux ‘box’) is back up for the most part!

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