Bay and Robinson


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  1. Thanks J..;) The green is -almost- right.. can’t wait for electronic ‘wallpaper’ .. Good food indeed.. going to dig up some of them sweeties.. it’s quite possible I felt any number of tingling sensations.. we’ll try hitting me with a brick first next time..;)

  2. haz to be ‘celebration’ be-tweeen’ includ and foodz!!! this after 2capps…:)

  3. sweet digs! love the perpetual leprechaun alien malachite vibrating green!! nothing but good will emanate from there… including foodz!…(obvi looking for a reciprical evening meal + candle lit music… ;) kidding,not,kidding,not… blessed be you, apartment and times to come… spontaneous long distance ritual done last night… did you feel tingling sensation?? :)

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