Common Unix / Linux file permissions – quick reference

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Jun 102011

The most common permissions include: 400     r——–       files (won’t let you accidentally erase) 444     r–r–r–      files (lets everyone read) 600     rw——-     files (no one else can read or see files) 644     rw-r–r–      files (owner can read/write, group read, public read) 664     rw-rw-r–      files (owner can read/write, group read/write, public read) 666     rw-rw-rw-     files (owner can […] Read More

Seriously.. not horsing around..

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Apr 142011
Seriously.. not horsing around..

Another funny link submitted by a friend.. funny/tragic.. it’s all the same Note: As far as you know, the Craig Ryders represented on this site do not condone the use of drugs.

Apr 122011
(old) Innovation: Microsoft's Kinect isn't just for games - tech - 21 June 2010 - New Scientist

Ok, so maybe i was wrong about body-sensing precision stuff.. Innovation: Microsoft’s Kinect isn’t just for games – tech – 21 June 2010 – New Scientist. Microsoft’s long-awaited body-sensing technology, Project Natal, got a new name last week at the E3 expo in Los Angeles. Kinect, as it is now called, is a set-top add-on […] Read More

Apr 122011
Technics 1200's on the way out .. sad

This is an old post that didn’t get posted for some reason. Well, this is going under ‘Eras ended’ .. Still carting my MK1’s around with me from 1988.. I wonder if my nieces and nephews will ask me one day what those big heavy silver things under the bed are.. Panasonic will discontinue its […] Read More

Toothpick Portraits

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Mar 132011
Toothpick Portraits

It’s not a joke, it’s a toothpick, Tuco. Now I want you to get up there and make art out of them toothpicks. Well, toothpick artist Steven J. Backman has turned The Good, the Bad and the Ugly into something quite beautiful with only 55 toothpicks and some glue. See more over at Steven’s official […] Read More

She Doesn’t Care

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Mar 132011
She Doesn't Care

Now that Continental Oil Company (now Conoco) has your attention with the naughty thing their research chemists (Belt over lab coat? Craaaazy!) do on their summer break, it smoothly segues into the benefits of motor oil. Remember that sex sells, future Madison Ave execs, it even sells motor oil. Modern Mechanix has the larger pic: […] Read More

The Strangest Ad Starring Nicholas Cage You’ll See

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Mar 132011
The Strangest Ad Starring Nicholas Cage You'll See

Well, today anyhow. It’s beyond description, so I won’t even try, except that it helps to know about Pachinko. Miss Cellania has the clip: Link | Cracked has the list of 8 strangest Japanese ads starring Oscar nominees