Nov 192016

Blade & Soul KR has released preliminary information on the upcoming major updates, including a new continent Sorak, level 55 cap, & Hongmoon ultimate skills for all classes.

Source: Blade & Soul: New Continent, Level 55 cap, New Hongmoon Ultimate Skills – Freedomplays

Here are a few more resources that I used when I signed up on Taiwan.
Oh, and new char is a gunner..(below)

The last 2 are one of the ways to get English translation. I ended up going this route.

It’s hard to know exactly, with 700000 tabs open.
Anyway, sort of lost track of where I was going with this. Oh, I joined

Server : 萬夫莫敵
Location: South East Asia
Time Zone : GMT +8

Because it looked like there were some english speaking guilds on there. I noticed that here:

The last link is a guild site forums called Emperial with a couple other guilds on it as well.

Thanks to all the people who actually did the hard work of writing these tutorials that I’ve blatantly plagiarized…;)

C. R.

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