Sep 192017

Corbin DavenportRobots on Kickstarter or Indiegogo usually are slow-moving and expensive products, with little or no real utility. I don’t think ‘Aire’ is anything differe… by Corbin Davenport in News

Aire claims to be “the world’s first intelligent robotic home assistant capable of autonomous flight.” Functionality-wise, it’s essentially a drone with the propellers covered by a shroud (so little Timmy doesn’t get wounded when he runs into it). There are some more advanced features too, like a 4K camera and collision detection. Not only can it roam around without human control, but it can even act as a security camera with the Android and iOS apps. Artem said, and I quote, “If I’m not home and I want to see how my dog is doing, I can fly this thing and scare the shit out of it.”

Source: ‘Aire’ is a hovering robot with Alexa that will definitely scare your pets

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