Sep 092017

Virtual assistants like Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa etc. are said to be vulnerable to a new attack through which hackers could easily hack your device.

Dolphins inspire scientists

The method, dubbed DolphinAttack, takes advantage of the fact that human ears are useless when confronted with sounds well above 20 kHz. So the team added an amplifier, ultrasonic transducer and battery to an ordinary smartphone (total cost in pieces was around $3) and used it to send ultrasonic commands to voice-activated systems.

Source: Siri, Google Assistant, Alexa Said To Be Vulnerable To This New Attack

Jul 302010

This is a nice piece of work..and something that I need to remember. Many thanks to .

For some reason if you don’t remember the password used to login to your google accounts or any other, and want to get back the hidden password, there is an easy way to view those passwords hidden behind the asterisk (*) characters.

You might have given the option to save the password for that particular site when your browser asked, the first time while entering the user name and password while logging in. The browser will automatically display the password if you have saved it before and you only need to press the login button. But if you need to know / don’t remember the password that is hidden behind the asterisk characters here is dead simple way to see those passwords quickly.

For firefox users, there’s always the option to see saved passwords. But this trick is far more simple than that and works on Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Netscape, Safari and Opera. Here’s what you have to do.

Visit the login screen of the desired website.

get passwords behind stars

The browser will automatically shown the passwords in the fields, but will be hidden with the asterisks characters.

Now, Copy and paste the following code in your address bar and press enter.

The password will now be shown in a small window.

show hidden passwords

Tip: Always note down the important passwords of your online accounts in a piece of paper and keep it safely. Never leave the passwords for the browsers to remember.