Seriously.. not horsing around..

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Apr 142011

Another funny link submitted by a friend.. funny/tragic.. it’s all the same

Note: As far as you know, the Craig Ryders represented on this site do not condone the use of drugs.

Email spammers getting dumber?

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Aug 202010

This must be a case of the poor fellow getting his account hijacked. If not..  If not then spammers are getting lazier. Notice the red regions.. First, spammer, maybe take an extra 30 seconds and shorten your obviously misleading link. Not only does it point to sharecash but it shows that you intend for us to download something once we click on the link.. We want neither!.. Second, you have just shared a list of 100 or so of your scraped emails with your ‘list’ and Third, you haven’t bothered to obscure the sending address so you will probably have wasted / had the poor fellows’ account terminated because you were lazy. Whatever the case may be, I am not -for- spamming in any way.

Are spammers getting lazier? sign of end of days?

AdFreak: Christ’s death helps out Safeway customers

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Nov 052009

Had to post this.. just saw it fly by in my reader..

Christ’s death helps out Safeway customers


It’s good to know that all that suffering on the cross wasn’t in vain. Safeway prices really are to die for. Thanks, Jesus! Via The Denver Egotist. UPDATE: A guy at FAIL Blog is taking responsibility for this, and says it was a prank he pulled on a couple of Safeways in the Seattle area a few Easters ago.

—Posted by Tim Nudd

I should have posted this on heh

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